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The Sustainability Project’s Emerson Brook Forest Internship Program

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Application Questions

  1. How did you hear about The Sustainability Project’s volunteer/internship program in the Emerson Brook Forest?

  2. Why are you interested in the Internship Program in the Emerson Brook Forest? How would this internship serve your life vision?

  3. Describe your previous experience, if any, in community living and working situations?

  4. Volunteer requirements include making a commitment to keeping our facilities clean and beautiful. Do you take pleasure in keeping things organized and tidy? Tell us about your attention to detail.

  5. Do you have experience living in a rural setting? Please describe your experience.

  6. Are you comfortable living a rustic camping or primitive cabin setting?

  7. Please describe your previous experience, if any, in farming or gardening.

  8. What do you most love about gardening?

  9. Do you have experience coordinating or supervising groups of people?

  10. Do you have experience with sustained physical labor and lifting heavy loads?

  11. We eat mostly vegetarian meals together and rotate cooking responsibilities. What is your comfort level and experience with cooking with and for others.

  12. Is there anything else about yourself that you would like to share so we have a better understanding of you?

The Sustainability Project
P.O. Box 311, 26 Emerson Brook Drive, Gilsum, NH 03448, (603) 209-7272
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